When planning your next outdoor project, consider installing high-quality decking to add natural beauty and functionality to your yard. Timber decking ideas open up a world of possibilities for creating an inviting outdoor living space.

With the right timber decking and design, you can extend your home’s living area and bring the indoors outside. Carefully chosen timber decking materials blend beautifully with the natural environment while providing a sturdy floor for potted plants, outdoor furniture and more. Whether you prefer natural or composite timber decking boards, there are endless options for customising your deck’s look.

Your timber deck can be a blank canvas for expressing your personal style. With the right timber decking ideas and high-quality timber decking materials, you can create an outdoor oasis perfect for relaxing, entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. Let your imagination run wild as you plan your next dream deck project, and read our great ideas!

Best Design Ideas For Timber Decking

1. Lattice Woodwork For Privacy

You may risk losing your privacy and security if you have a raised deck, particularly when your nosy neighbours are constantly peering into your property. And it is not always possible to put up a partition or fence for multiple reasons.

White Lattice Deck

That is when lattice woodwork can come to your rescue. These panels will easily block your neighbour’s views and create stellar boundaries, giving your outdoor living area an edge. They are also a great option for an outdoor dining area if you want to maximise the aesthetics of the place and employ some privacy screens.

2. Shade The Area

Whether you have a backyard or freestanding deck, remember that protecting your skin from harmful sun rays is paramount. Even for a small deck idea, adding the right shade is essential.

This becomes all the more important if you have timber decking in the outdoor area. And what’s better than an oversized umbrella to function as a shade? You can opt for an umbrella with classic stripes or flamingos to create a Cali vibe. However, if you want an environment-friendly option, you can also pick one made of recycled plastic. Using the right umbrella on your outdoor deck immediately takes the decor from drab to fab!

Umbrella Chairs Deck

Alternatively, you could build a pergola to provide permanent shade for part or all of your backyard deck.

3. Use Inflatable Pools

Installing composite decking opens up the opportunity to install an inflatable pool. So, keep this factor in mind when designing a new decking.

If you put a lot of effort into maintaining the lush green turf, you would know that putting an inflatable pool on it is not a good idea. So, you should incorporate some space for a pool in your modern deck design. This will help your kids enjoy the outdoor space during hot summer days. You can talk to the deck builders to know how to create space for the pool.

Also, you can put a cover on the decking boards to ensure that the water does not damage or wap the timber.

Kids Playing Inflatable Pool

4. Create A Cosy Movie Viewing Space

Some people have great outdoors where they can park their cars and create a great drive-in cinema space. If you are a movie buff, you can easily convert the deck into a movie-viewing one. We suggest you spend a little money and get an outdoor projector to entertain leisurely evenings with your family.

Large Projector Screen Set Timber Deck

You can use a laptop if you have a small courtyard or a small deck that cannot accommodate a big projector. All you have to do is use some pillows and quilts to turn the space into an entertaining area or outdoor living space.

When you have a large area, you can also create a small outdoor kitchen to ensure that the food supply is taken care of when watching movies.

5. Adding A Mini Patio Area

You can add a patio area with concrete blocks to make your deck visually more appealing and look bigger than usual. Combining the timber deck with a properly paved area will make the space look larger than it actually is.

Stone Patio Pergola Timber Deck

Once you make the space larger, you can also add a coffee table and water feature. Some people even add huge mirrors to their open deck to ensure their garden looks bigger and more beautiful.

6. Use The Right Colours

Before building your timber deck, you must design them to maximise the backyard space. Choosing the right colour is crucial in this regard.

Just like indoor spaces, using light colours in outdoor spaces makes the area look bigger. Using wood fibres for the deck, you can use a light colour varnish. Make sure the colours are waterproof if the pool area is nearby. Similarly, finding the right paint to protect your deck becomes all the more important if your deck is made of hardwood. You can also choose alternative materials such as composite decking or fibre cement decking. Speak to your deck builders about the most suitable options for you.

Paint Brush Deck Stain

Deck Design: Choosing The Right One

By now, you must have a fair idea about how to design your timber deck. You can make the deck look pretty and spacious with minimum effort by using the right ideas.

However, when building new decking, you must also consider its durability. To do that, we suggest you treat the timber to ensure it can withstand the elements and regular use. Also, find out what termite protection options you have. You can also seek professional help if you aren’t familiar with DIY woodworking.

For any help building timber decks in Sydney, please speak to our team at FTCC. Our Sydney builders can help you with the whole process to ensure your deck is the perfect design for your home. Call us today to install your new timber deck!

We will see you next time. Goodbye!

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