Leaving a house you are used to staying in and deciding to build a new one can be difficult.

A newly built home can be a fresh start and allow you to work with your builder on the home designs to create your perfect home.

After all, you might have spent your childhood in this place and have a lot of memories attached. However, change is the only constant, and you may actually enjoy the entire process of building a new home and then settling in it.

So, before you begin searching for a builder, we have listed eight signs that will help you understand if you are ready to take on this process. If you relate to the following factors, it is time to begin planning.

So, if it’s time to say goodbye to your current home and start building... keep reading!

8 Signs You’re Ready To Build Your New Dream Home

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1. Lengthy Commute

If you are spending a lot of time commuting to your place of work, then it cannot be very pleasant. Not to mention, you may lose precious time daily doing that. Hence, you may want to build a custom home closer to your workplace to save time. In this regard, look for a place not more than half an hour’s drive away from your workplace.

2. Less Space For Your Stuff

Are you a hoarder who has liked collecting things over the years? Perhaps you have a growing family. You may have too many sports supplies, furniture, clothes and other things you are unwilling to throw away. All these may make the space cramped, and you may need a bigger house.

While it may be a significant financial decision, you can consider it and start saving up if needed.

3. Too Big A Space

If you have had a big family, but the kids have left, you might have a lot of extra space left in your existing home. A house too big may seem daunting and lonely, so you may want to consider downsizing. Not only will this help financially, but you can also create a more personalised space.

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4. Demographics

While you may have liked the existing surroundings, you may grow out of it and want to live with different people. The surrounding crowd may not be fitting, and you may want to shift to a place with same-aged people. Or you might have nosy neighbours you do not get along with, which is enough reason to shift.

5. Shifting From The Hustle And Bustle

Some people may enjoy living in areas with traffic and noise; they generally choose cities as they like the hustle culture. However, as people grow older and wiser, they may want to shift to a place with less pollution. Perhaps your dream location includes a shift to a more rural environment, or a small town seems like a great option where you can build a new custom home. Whatever it is, make sure you research the new neighbourhood, including the approximate rate of property taxes and any new development in the near future.

6. Modern VS Traditional

You may live in an old-fashioned house with traditional elements that may be difficult to replace. So, you can try creating a new home with modern facilities and energy-efficient lighting to make it sustainable. There are several home improvements that you can also do DIY!

This will bring down your bills in the long run as well. Plus, the property resale value will also be at an all-time high with modern appliances. Try looking at display homes and other homes on the market to understand precisely what you want for your first home and set realistic expectations.

7. Looking To Expand Your Family

Are you planning to have kids and expand the family? Then it is high time you start thinking about a bigger space. A two-bedroom house may be too small for a family of four, as you will eventually have to give the kids their own rooms. So, start planning early and decide on your new family home accordingly.

8. Creating A Property Portfolio

You can concentrate on building a good property portfolio. For example, invest in building a duplex, which you can put up for rent. Likewise, you can live in one of the houses and rent the others. This way, you can ensure a source of income, and the entire building cost can be covered over time.

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Is It Time To Get Building?

Before you build a home and hire the right builder, set a specific budget for the job. You can talk to local builders who can give you an estimate of prices. And once you have the required money, speak to different builders and draw up a contract.

While you may feel the need to move immediately, take ample time to make your new space. You will make it from scratch, and it can have everything you have desired for so long in a house. So, you may need to save a little more money before starting the project.

On the other hand, if you want to sell off the old property, consult brokers and get that process started as well. You can also rent it out to earn from there. One thing we cannot stress enough is to do all your homework and take your time selecting your local builder.

And for any help with home renovations or new future home constructions in Sydney, please speak with FTCC. Our experienced and licensed Sydney builders can help you construct your own home that ticks all the boxes!

All the best!

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