Ah, the perks of having a sprawling backyard space! It considerably enhances the appeal of your home, doesn’t it?

But you would not want to waste that beautiful lawn space if you’re like us. So, what do you do to spice up your lawn or backyard? Get a garden feature, that’s what!

Primarily you can choose between three major types of garden features–pergolas, gazebos and pavilions. If you go around a lot, you might have seen them in hotels, resorts or on the lawns of other houses.

They are open structures, perfect for social gatherings, to entertain guests, or chilling out after a hard day at work. But that’s where the similarities between them end. Now you may be wondering - what makes each of them different? Well, that’s what this brief guide is all about.

So, if you want to satisfy your curiosity, jump right in!

What Is A Pergola?

Pergola Black Slat Roof

Pergolas are great for separating outdoor space and creating a shady seating area. Their posts also enable you to hang climbing plants, lights, and decorations.

A pergola is a freestanding structure that helps to enhance the aesthetic of your backyard. It is typically open on all sides, but you can opt for curtains or blinds for a bit more privacy.

Pergolas are often built adjacent to the patios and porches of the house. If you want, you can make them adjacent to one of the exterior walls of your house too. In that case, they act as extensions to your home, which further enhances their utility.

On the flip side, this removes the structure’s freestanding nature. From our experience, it is not that bad of a trade-off, especially if you have a smaller lawn.

The roof of a pergola is open and consists of latticework or slats. You have some flexibility in this regard, as you can use other materials, such as glass.

There are four supports in each corner of the structure, and along with the roof, they support the growth of vines, climbers and other decorative plants.

What Is A Gazebo?

Black Gazebo Deck

Gazebos are also freestanding structures on any lawn. They do not have walls but railings on all sides except the entrance. Generally, a gazebo is built on the part of your lawn with the best view of the surroundings. That is why many people use it as a viewing spot.

A gazebo is built with a solid foundation, which helps to support the structure. On that note, gazebos are typically quite large and cannot be built adjacent to your home’s walls or porch.

You have a lot of liberty with its size and build, so all hope is not lost. Besides, it has a solid roof to protect you from natural elements.

You can design it like small outdoor living structures or room separate from your main house. Subsequently, you can fully furnish it with chairs, tables, heaters and other essentials to make it as cosy as possible. And for privacy, simply add curtains or blinds along the supports.

What Is A Pavilion?

Large Pavillion Field

A pavilion is another open structure you can easily use in your backyard. This structure often has a minimal yet aesthetic build. Despite its minimalism, it is perfect for large social gatherings, such as weddings or exhibitions.

As such, you can compare it to a stage. So, if you want to organise a social event, say a karaoke competition or a book exhibition for your friends and family, this is what you want to get.

The pavilion’s design is more flexible so that you can create more spaces within it, like an outdoor office or outdoor living space. Likewise, you can decide whether to keep the roof open or closed. In that context, even the flooring of a pavilion is optional.

You can also add other components, such as curtains, tables, chairs, fireplaces, etc. However, remember that the more features you add, the stronger the foundation needs to be.

And if you add furniture, you will need to get the flooring done. As a result, setting it up will require more time and effort. But that is worth it because you will be pretty pleased once you see the outcome.

More Differences Between Pergolas, Gazebos And Pavilions

By now, you must understand some of the noticeable structural and functional differences between these garden features. But there are a few other differences, which we have discussed in this section.

Lounge Undercover Pergola

1. Permanence

Pergolas are typically permanent structures, so you cannot dismantle or move them easily. The same goes for Gazebos, which are mostly permanent by nature.

However, if you keep the design small enough, it can be shifted to a different location. This is often observed in the case of DIY gazebo kits, which are relatively easy to build or take down.

On the other hand, pavilions are usually not permanent structures. But you can build them semi-permanent, especially if you add furnishings and accessories. Pavilions are like tents, which can be conveniently assembled or disassembled.

2. Shape

Another point of difference between these garden features is their shapes. Pergolas and pavilions are often square or rectangular.

On the other hand, gazebos most commonly come in hexagonal or octagonal shapes. But you can design them to have any number of sides. They can even have square, rectangular and circular shapes.

Highlight Your Home’s Aesthetics

And there you have it, folks - the main differences between pergolas, gazebos and pavilions. Now you can decide which will be the best for your garden.

Whichever one you get, it will significantly enhance the appeal of your backyard. If you ask us, that’s a great way to show your style and sophistication to your friends and peers.

Still unsure which one’s best for your backyard? Why not hire an expert for a consultation? Backed by years of experience and a team of qualified Sydney builders, FTCC is here to help you with all your construction, maintenance and renovation needs. Call us today and secure your slot!

With that said, it’s time for us to be off. Until next time!

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