Adding a granny flat to your backyard is an excellent investment property for every homeowner.

Besides increasing the value of your property, granny flats or secondary dwellings provide extra space to keep your extended family members close without invading their privacy. Did you know you can also make some extra rental income?

Surely, rules for building a granny flat are flexible, and that’s why most Australians have started adding it to their backyards and other outdoor spaces.

So, whether you want to construct a granny flat with a basic open space or a full-fledged cabin with a kitchen and bathroom, we are here to help you execute it easily. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some time and tested tips that will come in handy for building a granny flat hassle-free.

Let’s dive in, then!

6 Key Tips For Building A Granny Flat In Australia

Small Granny Flat Stone Garden

1. Plan It Right

The idea of relaxing and enjoying in your granny flat may tempt you to rush things and build one as soon as possible, but we suggest against doing so. That’s because it is a big project you will carry to fruition only with proper planning. After all, you’re spending thousands of dollars on the project, so getting the foundation right in the planning stages is essential to avoid mistakes and complete a stress free project.

Here are a few things you should consider as you lay the foundation for a great granny flat construction.

A. Space

While planning for a granny flat, consider the space’s dimensions because it will let you lay the framework accordingly. Of course, if the area is small or there isn’t enough space, and you want a lavish flat, your planning will go in vain. You should measure the ground properly to have a fair idea of what can be incorporated into the floor plan.

B. Location

Another important thing to remember is the location and position of the granny flat. Planning rules and obtaining local council requirements differ from place to place. Typically, granny flats are also confined to a minimum amount of land and a maximum size. The State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing of 2009) guidelines require that the main house or main dwelling occupy your plot of land before you can build a granny flat in the backyard. It is possible, however, to build granny flats while building your primary dwelling.

The application is straightforward if you reside in New South Wales (NSW), so you may not find it challenging when building granny flats so long as the flat does not exceed 60 square metres. In addition, a granny flat on the Central Coast does not require council approval, but the main property must meet certain requirements.

Those residing in other states will have to undergo a time-consuming approval process because of their rules and regulations for building a granny flat.

C. Purpose

Of course, the purpose or your own personal objectives behind adding a granny flat is essential and plays a crucial role in the planning process. For instance, if you’re building it for disabled family members or elder family members, you should make it as disabled-friendly as possible.

But if you plan to rent it after construction, consider incorporating features and aesthetic elements in the decor to increase its value.

D. Budget

Your budget will influence everything from the size to the finish, so we suggest mapping it out before starting the building project. Those wanting to build a luxurious space will have to spend a bit more to design it the way they want.

But, if you don’t want to overspend building a large granny flat, browse the market for architectural plans to find out what fits your budget.

2. Hire The Best Builder

Building a granny flat isn’t a DIY task you can pull off all by yourself because it requires a lot of calculations and architectural knowledge. That’s why it’s best to hire professionals already skilled in the field, so you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands.

So, when choosing a builder, do thorough research, shortlist the best ones in the market and take quotes from them. As a rule of thumb, go for only licensed and insured people because they can execute the task efficiently.

That said, we strongly recommend checking their licence, awards, degrees and portfolio of past projects, through which you’ll get a glimpse of their expertise and excellence.

Many kit home companies are offering what seems to be a more affordable option. Some companies provide a free site inspection and can confirm whether you are permitted to build a granny flat with a Complying Development Certificate. However, are these prices realistic representations of a completed projector? Are they just misleading advertisements?

Most importantly, if you’re building a granny flat for elderly relatives or a disabled family member, you should hire professionals having expertise in the field because they are well-versed in rules and regulations. You hire them for your construction project only when they tick off all the boxes.

Take quotes from multiple granny flat builders to see which one is willing to build a granny flat within your budget. Before hiring them, make sure you check previous customer testimonials to see if their services are up to standard or not.

3. Be Open To New Ideas

Granny Flat Constructed View

Of course, you already have your dream granny flat ready in mind, but it’s always a good idea to listen to an expert and incorporate their suggestions into the plan.

We suggest going for experienced and licensed builders because they have built more than thousands of flats from a one-storey to a luxurious three-storey space. Thus, they know the right way to design the space, and their ideas may make your area look more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

You can think about their suggestions and show the green signal only if you find them appropriate. Or else sticking to your plans is the best bet.

4. Ask Questions

Before letting the builder’s construction team in, ask questions about the construction process, materials, timings and other related things to your builder. That’s because homeowners must know everything regarding the project so they won’t have to deal with unwanted surprises or hidden granny flat cost later.

Consequently, an excellent licensed granny flat builder will gladly answer your questions, explain the whole building process in detail, and ensure complete transparency.

5. Plan Your Furnishings

The best thing about granny flat designs is that they can be extremely versatile and add to your existing property. Most homeowners tend to rush to buy a bed, sofa, dining table and other furnishings as soon as the granny flat is completed. However, we advise you against this, as it will only lead to unnecessary expenditure, costing you thousands of dollars.

So before running to the local home improvement store, examine your space properly and decide on the furnishing you’ll need to spruce up its overall look. Also, remember that furniture can make or break the appearance of your space.

It would be best if you went for those furniture pieces that complement the overall decor so that your space appears modern and sophisticated. Make sure you follow a general theme or design.

For small rooms, go for small furniture because the large ones will make them look small. Also, consider adding mirrors to your space, for they will make the room appear bigger and spacious, giving the illusion of depth.

You can also scour the net for interior design tips to incorporate stunning elements in your space to make it more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

Granny Flats: The Pro’s Tips

So, are you ready to build a comfortable granny flat in the backyard of your property? If yes, plan the granny flat project and granny flat design carefully, keeping your space, location, and budget in mind.

Indeed, granny flats are a great addition to any property because they increase the value of your family home and give you a private space to relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, if you still haven’t added one, now is the time to build a granny flat tailored to your needs.

With that, we’ve reached the end of our guide on the topic. To build a granny flat, you’ll have to hire good granny flat specialists or experienced builders who know how to handle the job well.

If you are considering adding an affordable granny flat to your property to add extra room or value and looking for licensed Sydney builders to help you, make sure you contact Final Touch. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can help make your granny flat dreams a reality. So, talk to us about installing a granny flat today!

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