Are you ready to renovate your existing home? Don’t become a victim of a rogue builder and sully all your renovation expectations due to a lack of proper research; learn how to choose a builder for a renovation here.

Choosing a renovation builder with expert craftsmanship, licence, insurance, and a history of happy customers is crucial if you want the end job flawless without any unnecessary hassle. But that’s undoubtedly easier said than done, as first-timer renovators don’t usually know where to look for such a builder.

Rest assured, we’ll make this journey easier by helping you in the right direction. Whether you are doing a whole house, kitchen or bathroom renovations, our guide will help you find the right builder. We have made a list of essential steps you must follow while choosing a reliable builder for your project.

How To Choose A Reliable Builder For Your Home Renovation?

Being in the building industry for a long tie, our experts know what you need to look for when hiring a builder. Follow our builder selection steps to perfection and make a wise choice by the end.

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Step 1 - Know The Scope Of Renovation

Your builder selection journey starts with knowing the scope of the renovation project you’re undertaking. Legislations surrounding planning and development in Australia are strict and vary from state to state. Therefore, it’s better to know everything beforehand if you’re undergoing a massive renovation with the intention of remodelling.

Internal renovations don’t usually require council approval; however, if they’re large-scale, then necessary approvals from local authorities are essential. For example, Development Approvals are required if you’re making structural changes like extensions or external renovations.

Other than that, if you live in an apartment block, getting strata approvals from the governing council is required to ensure the construction process doesn’t cause disturbance to neighbours.

Step 2 - Ask For Personal Recommendations

After the renovation scope is clear, the actual selection process comes next. Here, words of wisdom are substantial to ensure your home renovation journey goes smoothly and the result meets all expectations. If you want to steer clear of poor quality work, overcharging contractors, or inadequate communication, consider your options with a knowledgeable audience who has renovated before.

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Here are some of the ways to find excellent renovation builders.

  • Personal recommendation
  • Professional recommendations from architects or structural engineers
  • Local ads
  • Previous client testimonials and online reviews
  • Local forums and online enquiries
  • Trade bodies and guilds
  • Social media, etc.

As a side note, be prepared to contact multiple renovation builders to get three or four quotes. It’s a process that requires patience, excellent communication, and negotiation skills. So, make sure you cultivate them.

Step 3 - Do Thorough Research, Interview, And Get Quotes

Once you’ve got a fair share of referrals, arrange an interview. This phase will be crucial and monumental when deciding on a reliable builder. As a rule of thumb, research well, get affordable quotes, and leave the interview with a satisfied smile. Therefore, it’s important to ask the right questions like:

  • Do you have a permanent residence of operation?
  • Do you have professional designations?
  • Are you licensed?
  • Do you have home warranty insurance?
  • How many years of construction experience do you have?

After getting satisfactory answers, get multiple quotes. Getting multiple quotes will help you lay down a realistic renovation budget and can aid in comparing other quotes and choosing the most reasonable one. On that note, it would be better not to go by price alone as you might compromise the quality. And most builders will be able to provide you with an estimated completion date.

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Step 4 - Check Builder’s Previous History Through References

Believing everything a builder says in the interview is a fool’s play. Thus, to ensure you don’t get played in the hands of a sloppy builder, do a background check on the licensed builder you’re willing to sign. You can check their old work, work ethics and everything from their website and customer testimonials from past clients.

No one can lay harsh facts about a person (a builder, here) better than an ex! So, save yourself from later surprises or shocks, and do a thorough background check. You may also want to discuss any subcontractors and assign a project manager to ensure the job runs smoothly. After all, having a cohesive team can make all the difference.

Step 5. Make Ironclad Building Contracts

Once you’re satisfied with a good builder for your home renovations, next comes a written contract, which you will both sign. Many people have been crying over unnecessary delays or how their builder didn’t do the promised job. So, if you don’t want to suffer the same fate, it’s better to include escape clauses in the building contract that can save you if the home builder doesn’t meet its promises.

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Come On, Let’s Get Renovated!

Choosing a reliable renovation builder isn’t easy; you need to contact multiple contractors to get two or three quotes. On top of that, reassurance that the renovation projects will be flawless by the end is also significant. You’re constantly on your toes before a choice is made, and that will be smooth only if you know the correct steps to follow.

Not sure whether renovating is the right choice for you? Read our article on renovating vs building a new home to help make your decision!

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We hope we were of help and made your builder selection journey easier. Till then, happy renovating. We hope you find a builder!

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