With summertime right around the corner, you may redesign your outdoor area to enjoy the evening breeze and pink sunsets.

Or, add a few more elements to make the space completely comfortable and cosy for different purposes like outdoor BBQ weekends or simple relaxation. However, choosing the perfect outdoor patio design that serves the purpose without breaking the bank can be challenging.

Designing Perfect Outdoor Area

This is why we have curated this guide to share a few essential tips and tricks that will be useful while designing your perfect outdoor living space.

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What To Keep In Mind: The Perfect Outdoor Area

1. Directions Of The Outdoor Area

Does your outdoor area face towards the east or west? If yes, there is a high chance it will be flooded with sunlight at least twice daily. Consider getting shade cloth or blinders on the deck or patio to block the sun during these times.

Some blinders and shades can also be folded to ensure you don’t miss out on your daily dose of (natural) vitamin D! But make sure that these are durable enough to resist the elements for prolonged periods.

2. Wind And Rain Troubles

Spending time in your outdoor space may seem impossible if your deck or patio is exposed to strong winds and directional rain.

However, installing a transparent screen can help solve this problem effectively. It will protect you and any outdoor furniture from the wind and moisture without detaining from the view. Talk about getting a makeshift full-length window to watch the rain!

3. Decking

Whether renovating your home or constructing new outdoor spaces, a deck can do wonders to increase its aesthetics and functionality. The good news is that you can choose different types of decking material according to your needs and budget.

For example, a hardwood decking in your backyard or decking near the pool can be the perfect way of adding elegance and increasing the usability of your space. Or, if you’re looking for a virtually maintenance-free option, composite decking may fit the bill with its high-performance, durable surface. Plus, it renders the look and feel of timber at a much lower price.

Some people also prefer installing fibre cement decking, which is highly resistant to UV, pests, and the elements. It’s a versatile option compatible with diverse design elements, including a dazzling fire pit, from functional fire pits to modish swimming pools.

While designing your backyard patio or deck, remember that your area’s local regulations or building codes may influence its width and height.

4. Outdoor Furniture And Its Spacing

Before you purchase patio furniture for your outdoor area, ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve with your space. Do you want a formal or casual setting? Or would you like to divide it into sections to accommodate both settings?

Once thoroughly considering your patio ideas, you can proceed with the purchase decision. Essential furniture pieces like a coffee table, a dining table, a couch with cosy chair cushions, or a dinner table can work well for both purposes, enabling you to create a versatile space. Handcrafted wooden furniture usually tends to elevate the look of any outdoor space.

Aside from that, ensure that your outdoor furnishings are spaced out adequately for optimal usability and aesthetics so you can move around without bumping into them. If you plan on designing an outdoor kitchen or frequently cooking outside, arrange your lounge chairs and other furniture, and move any flammable furniture away from the cooking area. At the same time, ensure enough space around the grill for people to move around without being at risk of direct exposure to heat or from an outdoor fireplace, especially if you have children or pets.

Outdoor Setting Designed Perfectly

5. Pool Fencing And Decking

Having a swimming pool in your background is nothing short of a luxury, but it may increase the need to ensure the safety of the outdoor area even more. Installing pool fencing with manual or automatic latches can be a good idea to keep your children and pets from falling into the water.

And if you’re planning to install a pool deck, go for a material that will be slip-resistant and adequately durable to resist moisture and heavy foot traffic.

6. Enhance with an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have become must-have additions for creating the ideal outdoor living space. They allow you to take all cooking and preparation outdoors with essentials like durable countertops, grills, sinks, refrigeration, and storage. Well-designed kitchens also incorporate seating at extended countertops and proper lighting and ventilation for functionality.

7. Create Ambiance with Fire Features

Outdoor fire features like fire pits create an unbeatable ambience and cozy gathering space for an outdoor living area. Other popular options are fireplaces, chimineas, fire and tables and small fountain fire features. Each creates mood lighting and warmth for partially enclosed outdoor areas. Follow safety guidelines on placement and check local building codes when installing any fire feature.

8. Elevate with Thoughtful Landscaping

Thoughtfully designed landscaping elevates your outdoor oasis into a thriving outdoor space. Incorporate hardscaping like patios and benches to establish a layout. Strategically place softscaping elements like plants, trees, wall art, and greenery to shape the space. Water features, lighting, lawn, ornamentation, and privacy elements like screens all play a role in creating an inviting landscape. And don’t forget to account for regular maintenance needs.

9. Maximize Enjoyment with Designated Areas

Maximize enjoyment of your outdoor living space by incorporating designated entertaining areas aligned with your outdoor living ideas. Create special zones for dining, lounging, bars, music, games, grilling, and more. Ideas include a dining area, weather-resistant furniture, outdoor accessories like rugs, focal points, and storage space. Extras like outdoor speakers, yard games storage, firepit seating arrangements, and dance floors make your outdoor space a person’s dream backyard.

10. Ambience Of The Area

The ambience of your outdoor space should match the larger purpose of its use. For instance, if you want to create a relaxing deck or patio, you may opt for an elevated covered upper deck that remains secured and ideal for year-round use, away from the prying eyes of your neighbours, with foldable privacy screens.

Alternatively, a ground-level covered open patio may become your favourite outdoor room for unwinding after a long week at work. You may also install a covered pool-side timber deck to become the undisputed king of hosting pool parties!

Apart from the structures, other elements, such as the lighting and plants, can dictate the ambience of your area. For example, aesthetically placed potted plants and low lighting typically create a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

11. Pergolas And Gazebos

Homeowners often prefer pergolas for creating a partially shaded outdoor seating space that allows just the right amount of sunlight to pass through and facilitates proper air circulation. For outdoor cooking or lounging areas, experts can help you design the proper pergola structure suitable for the available space.

Likewise, a gazebo can make your garden or backyard more functional by adding a free-standing covered seating space to relax in. These are typically made of wood and can be equipped with privacy screens or nets to keep pests and insects at bay.

12. Layout Of The Area

If you’re building or restructuring a home, here’s a tip for designing your outdoor space to make it optimally functional in the long run.

Try to install your deck or patio in a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, maintaining conscious attention to interior design and providing unhindered access to the inside of your home. This can make bringing back food and dirty dishes more convenient during outdoor cooking.

Designing Your Perfect Outdoor Area

Life can be stressful sometimes, and well-designed outdoor living spaces can help combat fatigue and stress. Additionally, it can be a great space to hang out with your loved ones.

If our ideas have inspired you to redesign your living room or even build your outdoor space, contact the folks at Final Touch Carpentry and Constructions, Sydney. We offer services like decking and pergola construction to help you make the perfect outdoor space.

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