Were you planning to jazz up your outdoor space by installing a new deck and worried it might be such a task to get the necessary permissions?

The local authority departments always place relevant guidelines for constructing decks to maintain maximum security. After all, relaxing on the outdoor deck and enjoying a delicious lunch is no good if it ends up posing a threat to your life. And to ensure that does not happen, it is an absolute must that you get a building permit.

Do I Need Permission To Install A Deck

It is essential to check with your municipality body to see what decks require a permit with your local carpenter. Once you figure that out, there are a few things that you need to do to procure one. And in this guide, we will give a round-up of all you need to know about getting a permit for your deck.

So, without any more delay, let’s start!

Why Get A Permit For Your New Deck?

Deck Measurements

In case you feel that you do not need a permit before starting with the deck work, do not be mistaken. The same applies if you are looking to renovate your existing deck. That way, you will end up in trouble. So, if you are wondering why you need to get a permit, let us make it clear: it’s the law!

Many people think constructing a deck is more like a DIY project requiring no special permission. However, a permit is compulsory, as it helps ensure that you are abiding by all the local safety requirements.

Once you have this building permit, rest assured that you build a structurally secure deck. There will be no risks of injuries, and everyone using it will be safe.

All deck projects, without any fail, have to go through the local jurisdiction bodies who check if the particular project abides by the ongoing IRC (International Residential Code). This body states all regulations that you must follow to embark on any residential project, electrical, plumbing, or building.

The main reason for setting up a body like this is to ensure that the construction procedure is entirely safe and follows all current building standards. And there’s nothing to worry about; getting your hands on a building permit is a relatively simple process. All you have to do is make sure that you see the quality work with an experienced contractor.

In special circumstances, you can even apply for a “fast track” permit and get the application approved on the same day.

How To Get Permission For Building A Deck?

Depending on which part of the world you are located in, the application process might vary. However, in general, you need to follow a few basic things and you may talk to your licensed builder.

First and foremost, get in touch with your town’s Department of Building Inspection. For this, you have to visit your local Council or authorities. Or you can conduct a Google search to find out all the details about contacting them. Once you contact the local Council, they will give you all the necessary information to get a permit.

Our research found that you must submit two copies of a full-scale drawing of the deck plan in most cities. Although the authorities/governing bodies generally ask for an overhead view of your project, they might also ask for a side or a front view in some instances.

As we have mentioned before, hiring an experienced professional can be beneficial as they would help you create these drawings through computer software. Not only will this help you obtain a permit, but it will also give you a clear idea of how the finished deck project would look. That will, in turn, help determine if the deck is of the right proportion in relation to your house.

When submitting the plans, you need to include:

  • Size of the footings
  • Posts
  • Spacing beams
  • Locations

Everything, including the materials you are using and the kind of hardware you plan to install, will have to be mentioned in the plan. The inspector assigned to you would go through your plan step by step and see if it is abiding by the local regulations.

Deck Construction

Why Should You Hire A Professional For The Job?

There’s no doubt that you will save a lot of money if you build a deck without professional contractions, as DIY methods are a lot cheaper than hiring professional services. But we would recommend that you hire a professional, even if that means stretching the budget a bit.

This is because professional contractors will be able to get all the work done for you without you having to break a sweat. They will do everything from your deck design to applying for the permits.

They also have all the necessary tools to build a deck that abides by the local safety regulations. You won’t have to visit the hardware store multiple times looking for tools and materials as they will get all the required equipment.

Since you don’t build a deck every day, it’s best not to experiment with the process. Let the professionals do what they do best. There will hardly be any hindrances this way, and your deck plan will get clearance from the required local safety departments.

What Permission Do You Need To Install A Deck?

That’s all for today, friends!

As we have mentioned, make sure to get a building permit before beginning your deck work. An improperly constructed deck might pose a severe threat to your safety. Someone might get hurt if the construction is unstable or the deck is made of low-grade materials.

Follow the guidelines we have mentioned, and you will be out of harm’s way. Plus, these steps will save you from getting into any legal battles. Otherwise, you might have to pay a hefty fine, or in the worst-case scenario, even tear down your deck.

Also, remember to maintain your deck regularly and take the necessary steps to keep termites and other pests away!

With that, it’s a wrap. For professional deck building in Sydney, contact our team. We also install composite decking and fibre-cement decking!

Until next time!

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