Looking to boost the value of your property instantly?

Or want to create a comfy space outside your home that looks naturally attractive? Whatever the reason, installing a timber deck is a simple solution. From providing a safe place to keep your garden furniture to accentuate the natural beauty of your home - an excellent deck can be an asset on the property.

So whether you are looking for a modern entertaining area with a stylish and warm look, or to enhance your garden’s beauty with less maintenance - keep reading to learn more about the benefits of timber decking!

Types Of Timber Decks

With so many different materials, figuring out where to start can take time. You must consider the deck’s affordability and cheaper alternatives, where you are considering placing furniture and the deck material’s strength. So, before discussing the benefits of timber decking, let’s first delve into the types of wood decking material you can install:

1. Treated Pine Wood Decking

Affordable and versatile, treated pine is easily the go-to choice of Australians for wood decking. This timber is specially treated to withstand termites, fungi and decay due to adverse weather conditions. The wood sustains its shape and isn’t affected by prolonged direct sunlight in the outdoor space.

Timber Deck Chaors Flowers

2. Pressure-Treated Wood Decking

Pressure-treated wood is used in most decks to provide structural support. Instead, you can go all out and build the entire deck with this robust and aesthetically pleasing wood. Economical and sturdy, pressure-treated wood is widely available and super easy to construct.

Pressure Treated Wood Decking

3. Tropical Hardwood Decking

This type of timber flooring is extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. The warm beige-red shades of Jarrah and Merbau can give your home a luxurious touch, while Spotted gum has a more modern look.

However, tropical hardwood decking can be difficult to work with because of its density. It is somewhat challenging to nail and drill, but the result is worth it, hence superb durability.

Tropical Hardwood Decking

4. Wood Plastic Composite Decking

As the name suggests, composite decking is made of wood fibres and plastic. This natural wood mixing is even more eco-friendly than normal timber decking, as the plastic used for decking is recycled. This deck is available in several timber looks, such as silver gum, jarrah and highland oak.

Although composite decking panels are slightly heavy to handle, composite outdoor decking can easily be your weekend DIY project.

Wood Plastic Composite Decking

5. Modular Decking

In modular decking, wood is pre-assembled into sub-frames and panels that are easy and quick to install. This one is undoubtedly the best decking for uneven terrain and surfaces.

The installation kit usually comes with pre-assembled frames and decking panels, which can be assembled. Using pre-made wood panels, you can install wooden decks in a jiffy.

Modular Decking Yard

Benefits Of Timber Decks

Versatile and low-maintenance timber decks have many benefits that others fail to offer. Here are a few of them:

Timber Pool Decking

1. Instant Boost In Property Value

One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your property is by installing a timber deck. Decks add a visual appeal to your home, and the elegance of a wooden one is unbeatable. Additionally, timber decking is timeless and can add a rustic or vintage touch to the property.

If you want to improve the return on your investment further when the house goes to market, consider integrating high-performance designs like composite and modular decks.

2. Low Maintenance, Highly Durable

Another upside of timber decks is that they are incredibly low maintenance and offer the most durability. These decks won’t demand your attention besides occasional polishing or nailing. Simply keep the deck clean by brooming it and oiling it once in a while, and you will be good to go. Some types of wood are specially treated with biodegradable chemicals to prevent insects, rotting, and weathering.

Like other types of timber flooring, they can tolerate a lot of foot traffic for years without creaking. So, don’t worry about placing outdoor chairs, tables, and grills on your wooden decks, as they can take the weight owing to their superb durability.

3. Practical For Indoor-Outdoor Homes

Indoor-outdoor homes are all the rage nowadays in Australia. People looked for ways to feel connected with nature and surrounded by greenery. Timber decking is a practical and flexible option to use the full potential of available yard space and accommodate your family’s needs.

4. Jack Of All Trades

Thanks to the versatile nature of timber decking, you can install them around pools, water fountains, ponds, bridges, and walkways. They also make up for good platforms under awnings and pergolas for families to sit together, not to forget they can be a safe play area for children.

Wooden decks are the perfect fit if you are looking for an innovative way to even out uneven terrains or slopes on your property.

5. Environment Conscious

Lastly, timber decking is an environmentally conscious choice. Wood is the only renewable building material, and wastes are eliminated while constructing a timber deck. On top of that, it can be built through less energy-intensive methods, keeping your carbon footprint under control.

Taking Advantage Of Timber Decking

A timber deck can add a very naturally attractive look and warmth to your outdoor space. General wood requires very little maintenance and cleaning effort, so it is an excellent choice for a deck.

Highly durable, versatile and eco-friendly, wooden decks are also bacteria and termites resistant when pressure-treated. And most importantly, they can be a safe play area and hangout space for your family. From outdoor kitchens to split-level decks, when a timber deck is maintained correctly, it can give any space an elegant and natural look.

So, don’t sit on the fence and get a timber deck installed today. For expert timber deck builders in Sydney, contact FTCC today! We offer superior deck installation and can assist you in choosing the best wood decking material for your home. Whatever you need - we have the decking solutions for you!

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