A rapid advancement in the quality of composite decking materials has made it one of the best pool decking options.

When creating a decking for your pool surroundings, you’ll consider three primary options: timber, stone and composite decking materials. The first two are troublesome because they require enough decking materials to burn a hole in your wallet or must be maintained frequently.

Recently, composite pool decking has been popular, giving homeowners an excellent decking option at a reasonable rate and relatively low maintenance. You’d want to opt for composite decking for several reasons, ranging from the cost to the materials' quality.

So, let’s look at how composite swimming pool decking can level up your outdoor living space.

7 Benefits Of Composite Swimming Pool Decking

Composite Decking Swimming Pool Trees

1. Safety

A prominent reason for choosing composite decking would be the safety angle. It’s no secret that water makes stone decking slippery, leading to severe injuries ranging from sprained joints to broken bones. Wooden surfaces can also be hazardous, as any stray splinters or cuts on the timber decking can quickly slash through the skin.

In contrast, you’ll find no issues with composite decking boards, which remain smooth and pristine for a long time. Additionally, you’ll hardly need to clean them, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. Adding UV-resistant additives further contributes to keeping your composite decking free of splinters for a long time. So, feel free to go barefoot on your composite deck without fearing injury!

2. Aesthetics

If you prefer the wooden aesthetic, composite decking has that covered for you. Pool installers can make your composite decking appear as if it were made of wood, creating a texture that matches the typical wooden grain. Want your decking to look like teak? Composite decking can match the colour and feel of your preferred wood grain.

Even if you don’t particularly care for the wooden look and feel, several customisation options exist for your pool area. The decking can appear modern, sleek and crisp to create a premium and luxurious feel. Composite decks open the doors to a whole new world of customisation, and you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

3. Moisture Resistance

The moisture absorption of composite pool decking is noticeably less than traditional wood options. Since the composite decking materials are derived from recycled plastic and wood, the plastics act as a water-resistant coating for your swimming pool area. The result is a surface that repels water and doesn’t rot due to an abundance of moisture.

Another benefit of this moisture resistance is that the surface dries quickly, so you don’t have to worry about pools of water damaging your decking. And since there is no water damage, you won’t have to maintain your pool area as often.

Composite Pool Chairs Rock Wall

4. Wards Off Heat

Even if your decking is darker, its UV-resistant coating will keep the heat off its surface. Similar to the materials used in automobile dashboards, even the harshest heat waves will do little to make your pool deck hot.

And since your pool surroundings won’t get any warmer even with prolonged exposure to the sun, they’ll remain cool to the touch throughout the year. This means you can walk barefoot on your deck without fearing blisters.

5. Requires No Additional Framing

Composite pool decks no longer require additional framing, marking a significant step forwards in the decking installation process. Accommodating the decking won’t take up any extra space, and the new pool deck will use the same type and number of posts. And since composite decking boards are moisture resistant, you can opt to build the decking as low to the ground as you want.

6. Hidden Fastening Systems

Some composite pool decks eliminate the need to drill, nail or punch during installation entirely, utilising screws that affix directly into typical layouts and spacings. This means the chances of noticeable damage during installation are dramatically reduced, and your finished decking will appear even better. Moreover, the risk of nails, screws and splinters causing injuries is eliminated.

7. Better Underfoot Feel

As composite deckings mimic the properties of real wood, they feel just as good as walking on a wooden surface but without any drawbacks. Few surfaces feel better to walk on than a lightly textured one, and composite decking achieves that.

With the option of customising the texture, you get complete control over the type of decking surface you want. The addition of slip-resistant coating is a bonus, making it safer than typical wood or stone decking.

Composite Decking Benefits

Composite decking is one of the best options for pool surroundings for your outdoor living space, providing you with plenty of options. They are safer, more reliable, last for a long time, and have a great look and feel. The low maintenance requirement is just the cherry on top!

Pool decking also adds to the aesthetic of a pool, making it look luxurious. Composite decking gives you that option, making it an investment that pays massive dividends in the long run.

You can call Final Touch Carpentry And Construction for composite pool decking construction and all your decking needs. Reap the benefits of composite decking by enlisting our services. Our trained professionals will keep your instructions in mind and construct the decking per your requirements. Our services are just a phone call away, so do not delay and contact us today!

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