A towel bar is perhaps one of the most underrated fixtures in any bathroom. It is one of the more straightforward DIY projects.

After all, handling wet and heavy towels after a shower would be troublesome if you didn’t install one in your bathroom. And nothing’s worse than the towel accidentally falling onto the floor.

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Thus, fixing a towel rail is essential to ensuring your bathroom is safe and convenient. But, the process of setting it up might seem tricky at first since you need to make several important considerations and follow specific techniques.

Get started in the bathroom and install a handy towel rack on your plaster wall. Don’t fear breaking a tile while hanging bathroom accessories. With the right tools, it’s a breeze.

That’s why we have tried to explain the nitty-gritty of the installation procedure.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Installing A Towel Rail

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Things To Keep In Mind

After you’ve decided to put up a towel rail in the bathroom, the first thing you must consider is buying a good quality model. There are innumerable options to choose from, including most towel bars, and not all are reliable enough. So, be careful while going through the customer reviews and opt for one that seems substantial, durable, and convenient.

Before you begin the installation, keep your hands and eyes protected with professional-grade gloves and safety glasses. Remember to mount the towel rail securely and ensure your new towel bar is level with the floor.

And here comes the most crucial part- the installation process will differ based on whether the bathroom wall has a wall stud in the required position. Wall studs are framing elements for attaching functional furniture or other fixtures, such as towel bars.

So, if the studs aren’t positioned per your requirements, you’ll have to screw in anchors. Note that we’ll deal with both procedures in our guide.

Method 1: Using Wall Studs

Tool And Materials Needed

  • Towel rail
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Allen key
  • Tape measure
  • Electronic stud finder
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Nylon wall plugs
  • Masking tape

The Process

Step 1: Marking the Position of the Rail

First, you’ll need to assemble the towel rail and select the position on the wall where you’ll install it. Remember to place the rail away from the plug points and at such a towel bar height that ensures the towels never touch the floor.

Next, you must determine the positions of the wall studs using an electronic stud finder and mark those using a pencil. Then, place the bar holder on the wall to mark its first mounting point, ensuring it’s in line with the stud.

Step 2: Installing The Top Brackets For Mounting The Rail

You’ll have to screw the first mounting bracket into the stud. Then, mark the second point on the wall as per the length of the towel rail. On a side note, the measurement should be accurate, as wrongly positioning the mounting bracket would make it impossible to install the rail. Consequently, you’ll have to unscrew the bracket and repeat this step.

Use the spirit level to position the mounting plates at an equal height. If the second mounting point isn’t on a stud, reinforce it using a nylon plug before fixing the bracket.

Step 3: Installing the Bottom Brackets And The Rail

Before the final installation, place the towel rail on the two mounting brackets at the top. Follow this by marking the mounting points at the bottom. Then remove the towel rail to screw the bottom brackets, using nylon plugs if necessary. Complete the process by installing the rail on the brackets using the Allen key.

Method 2: Using Wall Anchors

Tools Needed

  • Metal toggle anchors
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Screws

The Process

Step 1: Marking Position Of The Towel Rail

Begin by drill holes marking the position where you want to fix one end of the towel rail. Then screw in drywall anchors at the mark until its head is level with the wall. Note that you won’t need a pre-drilled hole in this case.

Step 2: Mounting Bracket To The Wall

Now, attach the first mounting bracket to the anchor. With this, the toggle will swivel into position as you drive in the screw. Keep on turning the screw till the toggle is snug against the backside of the wall.

Hold the towel rail against the wall and draw a vertical line parallel to the screw hold on the other mounting bracket to do this. It should, of course, be in line with the first toggle anchor.

Then, use the rail to put a horizontal mark across the former vertical mark. Finally, drive another anchor into the spot where the horizontal and vertical marks cross.

Step 3: Fixing Towel Rack To Wall

Similarly, mark the remaining screw holes on the other bar holder brackets to complete the process. Fix toggle anchors on each of these spots. Then drive the screws through these mounts as in the previous step.

This will make the wall ready for holding the rail, so go ahead and fix the rail on the mounting brackets.

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Installing Your New Towel Rail

That was all you had to know about how to install a towel bar. We hope you’ll find it much simpler now.

So, start by examining the studs in your bathroom wall and proceed accordingly. And your towel rail will be up on the wall, ready for use in no time. Once again, make accurate measurements and markings on the wall for a smooth installation.

Contact our team if you have any questions or need a towel rail installed in Sydney. We are licenced and qualified Sydney builders that offer services for DIY renovations.

It’s time to wrap up now. We will see you soon with more ideas on renovating your bathroom.

Till then, all the best!

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