Decks are a great addition to any home – they provide extra space for dining, relaxing or entertaining and can enhance the look of your property.

If you’re lucky enough to have an above-ground pool deck in your backyard, why not take it one step further and build a deck around it? It’s a great way to use all that extra space and not as difficult as you might think.

Build Deck Ground Pool

While many options are available, we’ll show you how to build a deck around an above-ground pool that is perfect for your needs. Here are some tips on how to get started.

8 Steps To Build A Deck Around Your Above-Ground Pool

Step 1- Get The Measurements Right

Before anything else, grab a tape measure and accurately measure the pool’s height and diameter. This step will help you decide on the dimensions of the deck.

For the latter, remember that there should be adequate space between the pool’s perimeters and the deck so you can walk comfortably around the pool deck.

Step 2- Prepare A Layout To Obtain the Necessary Licences

Building a deck in any part of the country requires homeowners to obtain necessary licences related to construction and safety regulations. We’d suggest sketching a rough deck plan and visiting your local building department. Alternatively, you can seek an appointment with a building inspector to see the location.

The inspector may suggest changes according to your area’s municipal codes for the overall structure and individual features like steps, guards, rails, etc. This way, you can plan the final layout properly to avoid legal trouble later.

Step 3- Choose The Material And Design The Deck

Once you have secured all the licences, it’s time to choose the best decking material based on your preferences and budget. Many homeowners opt for pressure-treated wood or timber, but you can use composite decking material.

While the former is a cheaper and visually appealing option, the latter offers substantial durability with versatility. If you have friends or neighbours who have recently installed a deck, consider asking them the pros and cons of the material they chose.

Step 4- Mark The Position For The Posts

It’s time to start installing the deck, so begin by marking its perimeter around the pool deck. We’d advise hammering star pickets or nails into the ground, but you can also choose to keep the ground using spray paint. Just ensure the marks aren’t washed away by water; otherwise, you must start over.

At this point, you can directly place the posts to install the joists. However, we’d advise using a couple of “dummy posts” and ropes to ensure the perimeter is uniform.

Tie the rope to the top of the posts on all sides to see if the perimeter appears even. If not, then you can alter the markings accordingly. Once you’re satisfied with the position of the posts, you can install the rest of the deck.

Deck Ground Pool Sydney

Step 5- Install The Posts

This step will depend on the type of posts you have chosen for your deck. Dig the ground with a shovel up to the depth specified in the approved layout for metal posts. Then, place the posts and seal the ends with cement.

Please don’t remove the ropes used in the previous step, as they will help you align the posts. Once the posts are correctly installed, replace the ropes with the decking material horizontal beams.

Another alternative is to use precast concrete piers to save the time and effort required for digging the ground. In this case, you need to secure the posts into the platform. If the total height of the deck is 30 inches or more, use diagonal beams between the posts for additional support.

Step 6- Build The Support

Building the support is a two-step process, the first of which is building a circular support structure around the outer surface of the pool using a circular beam and horizontal supports. Fix the latter to the ground.

Finally, connect this support to the deck’s perimeter using beams and nails. Each side should be connected to the perimeter with three or more beams (2 on the sides and one in the middle).

Step 7- Place The Decking

With the support firmly installed, it’s time to place the deck. Lay it from the perimeter toward the pool while ensuring a ½-inch gap between the two to make room for expansion.

The deck shouldn’t cross the edge of its perimeter, so you can use a saw to trim the portions that may be overshooting the boundary.

Step 8 - Install The Rails And Steps

The final step of your deck-building project is installing the handrails and steps.

For the former, use the required number of balusters and screw them on top of the perimeter, aligned to the posts below. These balusters should be installed everywhere the perimeter meets the posts.

Then, horizontal beams were placed between the balusters while leaving some space on the top and bottom. This space on the bottom should be such that any child or pet using your pool cannot go through it.

Likewise, the height of the rail should prevent them from jumping over. However, this will also depend on your area’s building codes, so adhere to them. And leave some space on the deck to install the steps.

For the steps, you can either use pre-cut step stringers or make them from scratch. Using timber or wood for the deck, use concrete near the base (where the stringers meet the ground). This is a great way to prevent the wood from drawing moisture from the ground.

Apart from the sides, you can place one or two in the middle to reinforce the overall structure of the stairs. We’d also recommend using a level to set the stringers parallelly. Make any necessary adjustments before installing the individual steps.

Secure everything with bolts and screws. Your deck is now ready!

Step 9 (Optional)- Install A Lockable Gate

If you want to keep your children and pets from accessing the pool without supervision, install a lockable gate on the pool deck where the stairs meet. This way, they can still use the stairs for playing without requiring you to fret about them falling into the pool.

Get Your Above-Ground Pool Built By A Pro

Although building a deck isn’t necessarily the most complicated DIY project you can undertake, it can still be pretty challenging. This is especially true for people who don’t have the right tools or expertise for the job.

If you are in the same boat, hiring a professional decking or home improvement service may be right. But do your research properly to get the best deal and professionals.

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