People living in small apartments often complain about the lack of space. But there are easy ways to deal with this challenge.

You will find numerous ways to use a tiny living room and make it look bigger. Separate rooms can be created while living in a studio apartment, too. The most important thing here is planning and designing before getting a professional to build furniture.

Also, the wall colours and textures need to be considered while at this job. To help you out, we have provided a list of ideas for you to check out.

Whether you are building a granny flat or remodelling your home, we have ideas for you!

So, keep reading.

13 Small Space Design Ideas For Your Next Renovation

Small Lounge Room Designed Space

1. Wall Colour And Furniture

If you have limited space, then it is best to opt for minimal furnishings to create space. You can use stools instead of side tables and wall sconces instead of standing wall lights. Another option is to go for cheerful shades like pale powder blue for the walls; this should ensure a happy mood in the room.

2. Mount The TV

A media console can take up a lot of space, which is entirely unnecessary. So, you can mount the TV on a wall, keep some shelves below it for hidden storage, and provide ample storage. Some even prefer hiding the TV in a cabinet or as a photo frame. This saves much floor space and wall space.

3. Double It Up

It is best to use such pieces of furniture that have many purposes. For example, you can find stools for sitting that can double up as a table when needed. Your work desk can be foldable and can turn into a dining table. Get creative and think of new ways to convert pieces of furniture for multiple uses.

We will recommend not opting for an end bench near the bed. Instead, you can get a desk with the same space and add a chair. This can help you work as well as get ready.

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4. Use Neutral Shades

Neutral and pastel shades can make a space look bigger; we recommend even tones for all rooms. You can play with the textures but do not use dark colours for a small space like your compact living room. Instead, opt for dark-coloured upholstery to complement the neutral and muted shades of the walls.

5. Keep Reflective Surfaces

You can keep a lot of mirror surfaces around the house, which will immediately make the space look larger. If mirrors are impossible, use glossy tiles and white lacquered paint for the walls. This should increase the mirror effect, making the entire space look airier and bigger.

6. Using Closet Space

If you have a lot of closet space, you can use it smartly by placing the laundry machine and cupboards. You can also do the same with kitchen cabinets. Yes, that is possible, and you can just shut the door to hide them when not needed!

Washing Machine Dryer Cupboard

7. Small Dining Tables

Go for a small circular dining table instead of a lavish one that unnecessarily takes up more space in your dining room than required. A small round table with chairs on all sides will provide the perfect place for family meals. Opt for a white table, and you can use darker colours for the chairs in your dining area.

8. Pocket Doors

Sliding doors with glass windows are an excellent option for small living rooms. The pocket doors allow natural light and air to flow while separating two spaces. Plus, they slide and take up minimal space compared to swinging doors.

9. Use Every Inch Of Space

You must design the space for small apartments with a small living room to use every nook and corner. You can opt for beds or sofas along with circular nooks with windows. Add some cushions, and one can easily relax or sleep while watching the view from the window.

Some even opt for sofas that can be used as guest beds if no additional guest rooms exist.

Window Sill Seat

10. Separating Zones

If the space is small, you can create different zones with glass walls and curtains. Some people do not like the bed to be visible when walking into a living room; a simple curtain between the two areas can separate the space. You can then hang a floating painting in between, further segregating the space.

11. Opt for Floating Desks

Do you want an elaborate office space in the house? Then opt for floating or wall shelves instead of a coffee table with drawers for extra storage. This will not take up the space on your floor and make the area look bigger. You can mount more shelves on top to keep your needed essentials.

12. Using Window Sills

Using the space wisely for houses with a broad window sill is best. You can keep decor pieces or lamps on window sills. Some even use it to keep their books. The space does not need to be wasted, and you can place a single bed beside it to use for studying.

Window Sill Purposes

13. Extra Seating

You might have guests over sometimes, and the existing seating may not be enough. That’s why we recommend keeping extra seating options, which can be folded and stored when unused. These need to be sleek so they take up less storage space.

Let’s Get Designing!

You can also elevate cramped spaces using big art canvases and frames. You can use oversized art pieces to line up the walls vertically. This will make the space look grand and bigger than it is.

Complement it with a neutral pastel shade on the walls and strategic lighting. Also, ensure that the floor space is not taken over; to achieve this, use furniture with tall legs to keep the floor empty. Keep these in mind, and you should be able to design a tiny space perfectly.

For any assistance with your renovation, get in touch with our team. Our Sydney builders and interior designers can assist you with almost any project, from DIY projects to full-scale renovations.

All the best with your endeavours!

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