Choosing the wrong cabinet design is not an easy one to rectify. Owing to the ultimate importance of this space, you need to consider custom DIY kitchen cabinets online to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Kitchens are one of the most traffic-heavy zones in the house, and nobody wants a shabby-looking kitchen renovation. So, let’s make it dazzle!

The beauty of DIY or custom flat-pack kitchens is that you can select a design from a catalogue and have them designed accordingly. That means you’ll get a wide array of choices in flat-pack kitchens in Sydney. DIY kitchen designs optimise the need for shelves, cupboards and appliances, making your kitchen easy to assemble and cost-effective.

While DIY building or renovation projects sound fun, they take a lot of time, and you might not want to start from scratch.

Diy Kitchen Cabinets

So, if you already have DIY kitchen cabinets, you can start working on them immediately by adding to or modifying the existing design instead of replacing them altogether. For example, you can work with colour schemes and change the shades. Then you can add new trims and mouldings to the existing cabinet. You can include lighting to highlight certain sections.

This guide will give you several tips and tricks to help create your dream kitchen. Read on carefully and note down the things that interest you. Then you can proceed to design and move on to the implementation stage.

9 Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen Cabinets

White DIY Kitchen Cabinets

1. Barn Wood Doors

If you want to experiment with the cabinets and reuse old wooden pieces, you can reuse old barn wood doors. They can easily be cut in shape and remodelled to create beautiful cabinet doors. Not only that, but you can also keep the design intact to render a more country vibe. Pair them with cane accessories and lace rugs to complete the look.

Plus, they can be transformed into attractive accent pieces if handled well with the right tools. Depending on the other colour tones in the kitchen, you can even paint them in white or cream colours. Bran wood doors will look good with modern and mid-century designed furniture.

2. Brass Fixtures

Brass was viral material in the 90s but soon died after the trend ceased. The new colours and materials that replaced it were stainless steel, nickel, and matte black. However, now may be the time to shift to brass again, as it is used in houses today.

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While at it, go for satin-finish for a more elegant look which also works well with modern furniture. Pair it up with cream or pastel-shaded furniture, and you can create a modern kitchen with a vintage touch. Brass fixtures will surely provide a warm and classy ambience, and you can add some house plants to complement the whole look.

3. Two-Toned Colours

Using two colour tones for making kitchen cabinets will make your kitchen stand out. If you want to change the kitchen’s mood and ambience without much effort, paint your cabinets two different colours, and that’s about it!

We suggest darker shades for the bottom drawers below and light colours for the upper drawers and cabinets. Some people also prefer to opt for light and dark shades of brown for this purpose.

You can also paint the cabinet doors with a specific colour and the trims with another.

4. Using Wallpaper

Yes, you can use wallpapers with wood to create the desired effect on your cabinet doors without requiring you to spend hundreds of dollars.

So, if you want vertical grooved boards, get some wallpaper with the same design. They can then be cut out and attached to the cabinet doors carefully. Match the wallpaper up with wooden trims, and you will have a beautiful cabinet front. For this, we recommend going for white or cream colours to bring in a touch of elegance.

5. Cabinet Door Organisers

If the area under your sink is perpetually messy, or you use it as makeshift storage, it is best to install under-sink cabinets. And you can add extra storage to the cabinet door by creating shelves. This will help organise and find everything stored beneath without straining your back too much.

Also, you can paint the wooden doors with colours that match other furniture and fixtures in the space or create a contrasting decor.

For example, opt for lighter-shaded cabinet doors if you have dark-coloured walls. And in the case of white or cream-coloured walls, you can opt for darker colours like deep shades of brown.

6. Using A Magnetic Strip

Have you ever thought of invisible cabinet extensions? Yes, now you can hang jars from the base of the cabinets without any extra support, leaving your guests wondering about the magic behind them.

This is one of the easiest DIY projects; you can complete the job within half an hour. Just take a long and powerful magnetic metal strip and attach it to the “roof” of the cabinet.

You can then attach glass jars to it as the metal lids on the jars will firmly stick to the magnetic. Besides, it will increase the overall storage space, allowing you to better store your crockery (especially the fragile ones).

However, don’t make the jars too heavy; otherwise, the magnetic strip won’t take all that weight. We recommend storing something lightweight like coffee beans, marshmallows, chocolate, dried fruits and candies in these jars.

7. DIY Cabinet Lighting

Installing lights in and under the cabinets will ensure a warm glow in the kitchen. And you can easily buy LED strips, which don’t require extra wiring. You won’t have to call an electrician. Line the base of the cabinets with the strips, and you will be good to go.

They will come with a plug on one end attached to any plug point. You can use an extension in case there are no power outlets nearby. Many LED strips can be controlled via Bluetooth by connecting them to an app. Just download it, and you can control the lights from the convenience of your phone.

Other than that, you will get cheaper lighting options (and more options) with remotes. The remote will help adjust the intensity and colour of the light, and you can control them from a distance.

You can also get intelligent lights (if your budget allows), which come with millions of colours to choose from. Set it according to the ambience, and you will have a beautiful place to cook.

8. Crown Mouldings

Do you want your small kitchen to look majestic? Then you can add crown mouldings to the top cabinets to make them look grander.

The top of kitchen cabinets usually remains empty and unused, thereby gathering dirt and debris over time. This is because most homeowners don’t want to go through the hassle of reaching out for something placed that high.

Adding tall crown mouldings on the top can cover up the space and make the cabinets appear taller and visually attractive.

That said, you should be careful not to attach these mouldings directly to the cabinet. Instead, build a framework about an inch thick and install it on the top before connecting the mouldings.

9. Shaker Cabinets

If you want to stick to modern or contemporary designs, you can create a raised perimeter around the front of cupboards and drawers. You can build a frame from 1/4-inch plywood and then paint it the same colour as the cabinet setup. This subtle yet elegant design will stand out well if you have a medium to large kitchen.

Brass Cabinet Knobs

Building Your New Kitchen Cabinets

With this, we have reached the end of this how-to custom DIY kitchens guide, and you must already have a clear idea about the changes you can incorporate. Aside from the tips mentioned above, you can bring some greenery to the kitchen and add wall plates.

Keep small collectibles and use a lot of cane baskets to store items on the kitchen table.

While you might have changed the design of the cabinets, accessories will always add to the look. So, keep pretty jars and flower vases and line up shelves with a floral cloth. These will make the kitchen look warm, homely and inviting.

Let us know if you need any further help with residential works or fittings in the comment section below, and we will try to answer your queries in our following guide.

And, for any kitchen renovations in Sydney, please reach out to our professional team of licensed builders.

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