Composite decking is slowly becoming one of the most common options for good reasons.

This decking option is durable, affordable and low-maintenance, which ensures that your outdoor living space will remain pristine for a long time. But you need not stop at a simple decking construction; pair it with accessories and make it feel more home-like.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for ways to make the composite decking more personal. There is no shortage of options on the market, and you can create a unique living space.

So, here are a few outdoor elements that go well with composite decking, effectively levelling up your outdoor living space.

5 Accessories To Personalise Your Composite Decking

1. Fascia With Custom Textures

Fascia Composite Deck

Fascia with custom textures can help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your composite decking while being practical. Its primary function is to add a perimeter to the decking and conceal the joists under the deck. And since these are boards made using the same material as the decking, your deck will be visually consistent.

Like composite decking boards, fascia boards can mimic the look and feel of rare or expensive wood such as the Golden Teak. They can help add some contrast to the colour scheme of your decking for a refined and aesthetically bold look.

Not only are fascia boards more cost-effective, but they are also much less labour- and maintenance-intensive. You will spend less time and money to keep it looking good year after year than what would be necessary for regular wood.

2. Matching Railings

Railings Composite Deck

The strength and durability of deck railings have seen a massive jump thanks to constant developments in rail technology for decking. This opens up a world of potential ideas for your composite decking, allowing you to use the railings to support other decking installations.

You can consider PVC railings as they resist moisture. Aside from that, their strength is high while visually appealing, and some models may even have a contoured design.

The design variety can add another dimension to the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. You can choose from several railing designs, colours and construction combinations to make the decking your own.

Additionally, you can top the railings off with a decorative postcap. These can be spherical or flat; depending on your selection of railings, you may have them installed for an attractive finish.

3. Decorative Faux Walls

Decorative Composite Decking Walls

What better way to express your creativity than to use walls? While building regular walls on composite decking is ill-advised, you can use decorative faux walls or screens to express yourself.

You can have these screen panels installed directly into the frame of your decking or use the railings as support. Not only will these look good, but they will also ensure some privacy.

Screen panels are weather-resistant and high quality, ensuring they won’t wither away in the sunlight anytime soon. And general dusting-off aside, you won’t need to maintain the panels much.

Even if you’re not one for having screens installed on the decking, you could go for traditional lattice instead. These wooden frames with square spaces between them complement the decking and railing well.

4. Vibrant Lighting Solutions

Lighting Decking

A series of LED lighting is the way to go for any decking setup. These energy-efficient, safe and bright lighting solutions can keep your outdoor living space well-lit even on the darkest nights. Add solar panels into the mix, and you will have a lighting system that runs itself.

You can also add lighting strips to the steps and edges of your decking, ensuring that no one loses their footing in the dark. Most deck owners typically use recessed lighting to keep the presence of LEDs as understated as possible.

LED lighting systems often come with programmable settings, such as auto-turn on at certain times, independent operation and power source selection. And with dimming controls, you will have yet another dimension to add to your gorgeous lighting setup.

Mood lighting for composite decking has never had such potential before, that’s certain!

5. Get Creative With Spare Decking Boards

Flower Bed Decking

There’s a good chance that you have some leftover boards from the composite decking job. Instead of throwing or giving them away, you can get creative with them for garden landscaping.

If you have a garden, you can use the decking boards to line the path next to it or around the flowerbeds. You may also use it to separate different species of plants for aesthetic or practical reasons. Decking boards make compartmentalising easy.

You can also use deck boards to create a fence or wall. Due to the inherently nice texture of decking boards, this can result in a genuinely creative and unique wall.

And lastly, decking boards make for excellent planters. Handmade planters have a unique feel that makes your outdoor living space much more personal. The best part is that these are quick and easy to assemble, and your composite decking can take the moisture!

Use smaller boards or evenly cut pieces from a larger board to create a box with an open top. You must add a few holes in its bottom to allow water to pass undeterred. And finally, you can use some paint to add the finishing touches.

Designing Your Backyard With Composite Decking Boards

Composite decking makes for an excellent outdoor space, requiring little maintenance and is highly durable. This enables personalisation of the space, transforming it into a place you can call your own.

There is no limit to how crafty you can get with your deck. Using a combination of techniques and ideas, you can create an excellent area to spend time with friends and family. The horizons of deck designs expand continuously while being affordable, so you don’t need to think twice about having some fun with it.

When installing composite decking, suitable building materials are essential to ensure a seamless finish. Decking clips are a popular choice for securing the boards in place, as they provide a firm hold and allow for the expansion and contraction of the material. Look for high-quality, stainless steel decking clips that are resistant to corrosion and designed to last.

In addition to decking clips, you can use many other accessories to enhance your outdoor space. Add built-in seating, planters, or pergolas to create a more inviting and functional area. Lighting is another excellent way to extend the use of your deck into the evening hours and create a warm, inviting ambience.

You can create a stunning composite deck that will provide years of enjoyment with the right combination of building materials, accessories, and design elements. The sleek, seamless finish of composite decking, combined with the durability and low-maintenance benefits, make it an excellent choice for any outdoor space.

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