Adding natural wood finishes, mixed textures, and raw organic materials have become the growing trend in exterior designing due to its warm yet elegant look.

Timber complements most building materials, like concrete or brick, while adding an effortless yet tidy look to the exterior design. Additionally, timber is a versatile resource that you can use in several ways to elevate the quality of time you spend outdoors.

Timber Exterior Feature

So, consider timber features if you prefer a warm tone and match your outdoors with its natural surroundings instead of drab, dull steel and glass. On that note, here are some easy ways to incorporate timber as a design feature outdoors.

5 Ways To Add Timber As An Exterior Design Feature

1. Install A Feature Wall

You’d be surprised how a simple timber feature wall can spruce up your exterior design and instantly warm up the space! Simply use horizontal slats or verticle fences to create your preferred pattern to create an eye-catching contemporary design. These timber walls can double up as a privacy screen, so if you’re a private person, this might be an excellent way to increase aesthetics and efficiency.

You also use a timber feature wall to hide your air conditioning outdoor unit or garbage bins. However, remember that these walls usually look better with block textures or shapes, so use timber with contrasting colours to increase its vibrancy.

Hardwood Feature Wall Bamboo

2. Create Different Zone In Your Garden

You can use timber in varied ways to increase the visual appeal and functionality by defining different zones for different purposes. For example, you can include a wooden deck with multiple platforms, each level having a distinct visual theme. Likewise, timber planter beds can add farm-like greenery and improve the dimensions of the area.

If you have limited space in your outdoor area, consider building compact timber benches for visitors to sit and enjoy the scenery. Interior designers usually recommend light-coloured timber such as Tallowwood or Blackbutt since they make the space appear larger.

Timber Garden Bed

3. Timber Deck

Continuing with decks from the previous point, it can instantly add a sophisticated look and elongate the visual field. A deck is ideal for people with bigger families or those who throw regular house parties. It allows you to experience a different scenery beyond your home while being attached to it. Also, it is an extremely durable way to create a space for relaxation and fun and upgrade your exterior design simultaneously.

We recommend using Australian hardwood types, as they can withstand extreme weather, including high temperatures, rain and salt water while being durable. Another good option is Blackbutt, which can provide various textures and solidity while being structurally sound and aesthetic.

Outdoor Timber Deck Timber Chairs

4. Timber Door

Build a beautifully patterned timber door to create a good impression and add an old-money, luxurious appearance to your home. This works best if you have a sprawling area or farmhouse with many compartmentalised areas. Add wooden pillars to support a roof-like structure with terracotta tile cladding to make your home look like a high-end resort. This trick will transform your exterior into that of an ancient palace!

Feature Door Hardwood

5. Timber Cladding

If you want to make use of natural wood throughout the entire exterior of your home structure, consider adding timber cladding on the outer walls and roof.

Here, you can use timber extensively with contrasting looks to increase the visual appeal of your home. The wooden planks of your choice need to be cut into precise tiles and installed onto the outer wall. However, you should always add a protective layer onto the timber, as it may be exposed to weather conditions that can damage it.

You can even go for wood plastic composite (WPC), high-pressure laminate, or exterior tiles to add a natural finish without using real wood.

Timber Cladding Architectual Home

Timber: A Comprehensive Guide To Exterior Design

Whether you want to use timber as an accent feature or a dominant theme, there are several ways you can achieve that natural, warm and elegant exterior design.

However, it is not always easy to decide which will suit your home layout the best while simultaneously improving its functionality. So, it’s best to hire professional services to help you make the right decision.

Final Touch Carpentry & Constructions offers a wide variety of building services in Sydney, including timber deck building, renovation, exterior designing, etc. We are one of Sydney’s most reliable carpentry and construction services, offering high-quality building materials at affordable prices and a team of skilful builders to cater to all your needs. So, give us a call to discuss your needs today!

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