Give your bathroom a luxurious upgrade, and get ready to enjoy a spa in the comfort of your home!

It's exciting to plan bathroom renovations because one tends to lose sight of reality amid expectations.

To help you complete this process, we have formulated this short guide on the must-haves of bathroom renovations. Here's a simple bathroom renovation checklist to ensure you don’t lose sight of the end goal and get the job done without hassle.

Must-Haves For Every Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are a fun experience if only we have a clear picture of what’s to be done and how to achieve that goal. However, that’s easier said than done because we get so lost in preparations for our fantasy bathroom that we lose sight of reality which is the job's complexity.

If you’re only doing minor or budget bathroom renovations, like changing colours or adding mirrors, then the job is a piece of cake. But, if the idea is to do whole-scale renovations involving the change of complete layout, then you’re going to get cold feet.

So, if your fantasy bathroom needs more than little upgrades, we’re happy to help you. Check out these must-haves you mustn’t forget in your bathroom renovations checklist.

Now, let’s get into the grind!

1. Plan A Layout

You have to start somewhere; without a layout plan, everything seems like a needle in the haystack. Before starting your remodelling journey, you might have some expectations that led you to make this decision. But were they practical enough to fit into the tiny space of your bath?

A professional will guide you and bring your expectations down to earth. This is all about realistic planning to get the best outcome. Your existing bath might not accommodate your overarching expectations, even with renovations.

There might be hindrances like space, apartment red tape regulations, budget, sourcing, etc., so you need to plan accordingly to save yourself from later disappointments. If you're planning to move the plumbing lines, your renovations won’t be shackled by the existing pipelines. You’ll be free to govern the area with no space constraints (if you have a huge bathroom) and decide on a layout that accommodates your needs, requirements and expectations.

But, if that isn’t the case, and you aren’t changing existing plumbing and have space constraints, nothing beats wet-room layouts. Wet-room designs are popular as they are fit for everyone to use, are entirely waterproof, give off the illusion of a more oversized bathroom and are budget-friendly.

2. Logistics

You might think your pipes are functioning well when they’re just a step away from giving out. Moreover, if you’re renovating for selling, the bathroom needs to be in top-notch condition. Thus, planning logistics with a contractor must ensure your renovated bathroom is beautiful and functional. You also need to have permission to perform your renovation project.

Supposedly, if your hired plumber finds problems with your old pipelines, then deciding on the materials and where you'll source them from is the next thing to do. An experienced plumber will help you in this process, but you should also research your options.

Low-VOC and eco-friendly materials are an excellent way to start. Once you know what to look for, don’t forget to communicate the same with the professionals. They’ll provide insights that might have been missed while planning.

3. Choose Trendy Yet Effective Flooring

Bathrooms are luxurious havens, and excellent flooring is the path to such luxury. That’s why choosing the perfect flooring that matches the theme of your overall house is ideal. Depending on your budget, style and other expectations, you have many flooring options to choose from.

Porcelain or ceramic tiles have been a popular and cost-effective choice for people looking for the best of all worlds. However, in cold regions where morning cursing the freezing floor is a daily ritual, radiant floor heating isn’t a bad idea.

Although your budget will go a bit higher, you’ll have the needed comfort while showering. And, we know you can’t compromise comfort!

4. Modern Fixtures And Fittings

You have many options at your disposal nowadays when faucets, showerheads and other fixtures are concerned. So, why not use these modern and trendy options, and give your bathroom the luxurious upgrade it needs?

Depending on colour and comfort, there are many options you can choose from. From LED mirrors to automatic sensor faucets, you have many modern choices at your disposal. The price might increase depending on your style as modern technology is undeniably expensive.

You can also do DIYcost-effective upgrades, such as installing a new towel rack.

5. Storage Solutions

Old vanities and storage spaces used up a lot of space making bathrooms congested and devoid of luxurious comfort. Thus, you need effective solutions to old problems. In such cases, having wall cabinet drawers is a smart option.

They’re not only easy to reach and have significant storage space, but they also don’t clog up lots of space. Meanwhile, they’re easy to install, and you wouldn’t even need a handyperson to get the job done.

6. Lighting

Your remodelling will be all for naught without effective lighting solutions. Even though your days can go without electric light with ample sunlight, nights will be a pain to deal with, especially if you do make-up in the bathroom.

That’s why installing sconces beside your mirror is a wise choice. Besides that, you can go for LED mirrors too.

Getting Ready For Your Bathroom Renovation

The need for bathroom renovations can arrive due for many reasons. Be it old age or expanded family, your bathroom will need an upgrade when the time arrives. Therefore, once you set your heart on renovating the bathroom, a renovation checklist is crucial before whole-heartedly getting into the process.

We hope we were helpful in that regard and could aid you in making some critical decisions that had entirely skipped your mind. And, if you need a Sydney builder to help with your bathroom renovation project, please don’t hesitate to speak with our team!

That will be all. Till then, keep planning to bring your dream bathroom to life!

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