An open deck is excellent; you can have barbeque parties or sunbaths in the summer.

It is, however, annoying when it starts to creak and break, which will inevitably happen. As it rains and snows, your deck boards will rot over time. Rotting deck boards is annoying and a hazard, as it can cause accidents. So, it is crucial to replace or repair them at the earliest. However, many homeowners do not know what goes into replacing rotting decks.

Timber Deck Rotting

Hence, we have curated this informative guide to clarify your doubts regarding wood rot and what to do when you spot one.

How To Repair Rotting Timber Deck

Repairing your rotting timber deck is something you have to do from time to time. It is, however, a complex process that many do not know about. When you decide to replace it, you may have questions like when to replace it, what to use and even who to call for help.

So, here are some tips on what goes into repairing your rotting deck.

Rot Timber Close View

1. Identify The Extent Of Wood Rot

The first thing one must do is identify the extent of wood rot. It is crucial to find out the damaged area to know if only one section of the deck is rotting or if it is the whole deck. Doing that will help you plan how much wood you need and make a budget for the project.

Knowing if the entire deck needs a replacement will help you decide if you need professional help. So, carefully checking these things is necessary before you start the renovation.

2. Choosing The Right Materials

Now that you have identified the extent of your wood rot, it is time to decide on the materials. Some types of wood rot more quickly than others, so choosing the best timbers will give more durability.

For instance, pressure-treated wood is a good option for durability. This type of wood has been treated under high pressure to infuse water solution and preservatives. Thereby, they have a longer useful life span.

Also, you might need other materials other than wood. You will need deck wood sealer, nails, wood finish, etc. Choosing the best quality of materials according to your problem is essential for a lasting deck.

3. Repair It Yourself

If the wood rot in your deck is not severe and just a few boards need replacement, you could DIY it. While hiring professionals for entire deck replacement is advisable, you can fix more minor rotting issues quickly if you are handy with tools.

Hammer Tool Exposing Rot

Materials Required

You will need tools like;

  • Pry bar
  • Hammer
  • Screws or nails
  • Drilling machine
  • Tape measure
  • Wood seal
  • Paintbrush.

Steps To Repair Deck Rot

Repairing Wood Rot Deck

A. Remove The Rotten Wood Plank

Once you have gathered all the tools required, it is time to replace it. Start by removing the rotten wood planks. You can do this using the pry bar, but be careful not to destroy the surrounding boards. If your old planks are screwed in, you can try removing the old deck boards first so it is easier to pry them out.

B. Measure The Replacement Wood

Before you install the new wood planks, you will need to measure them to the required size so that it fits. You can do that by taking your tape measure and measuring the old wood you have removed. If the old woods are destroyed, you can measure the open space in your deck.

C. Cut The New Wood

Next, you can measure the new planks within the required size with your tape. Cut the wooden planks a few centimetres more than needed so you can fix any mistakes. Once each plank is marked, cut them up with a circular saw.

D. Install New Board

After you have measured all the replacement wood, installing them would be the next step. Test the fit of the planks by placing them in an open space. If it does not fit, you will have to cut it again. Once it works, remove them again and pre-drill two holes on each end.

Next, place them in the open space and insert the screws into the pre-drilled holes. We recommend using screws because they do not loosen over time. Once done, you can “toenail” the screw at an angle so that it sticks to the joist they share with other boards.

Installing Deck Boards

E. Finishing It Up

Once you have installed them, doing some touch-ups is essential. Check if the newly installed wood has a crack and hole in it. If they do, close them up with wood filler or epoxy filler so that dirt and water do not get in.

Additionally, the newly installed wood in your decks must be sealed so water does not seep in. So, purchase a good quality wood sealer and seal the wood with your paintbrush.

Reapplying Decking Oil Deck

4. Hire Professional Carpenter

Wood can rot quickly, and your whole deck might lose support from the beams and foundation. Repairing them yourself might be dangerous if you do not have the skills, as it requires heavy lifting and machinery. So, if your deck shows severe signs of rotting, calling a carpenter with the skill to repair wood rot is your best bet.

Carpenters have better knowledge of rotten wood and how to repair wood rot. As a result, hiring them will help you with factors like what materials to choose and how to prevent rot in the future.

If you live in Sydney, talk to our team at FTCC. From timber deck repair to DIY quotations, our Sydney builders offer a wide range of services. No matter what your needs are, our team has a solution!

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Reviving Your Deck: Steps to Take When Your Decking Boards Are Rotted

As your wood decks are exposed to water, they will develop dry rot fungus or wet rot. So, as a preventative measure, you must sweep and clean the surface to avoid debris build-up.

Installing a removable roof is another way to prevent your wood deck from rot damage. With these, you can protect your wood deck from rain and snow when it is not in use.

Lastly, inspect the wood deck regularly before the rotted wood spreads to other parts.

And remember - it is always better to hire professional carpenters and builders if you’re unsure how to proceed. So, reach out to Final Touch Carpentry and Construction, the best renovation experts in Sydney, to get a sturdy deck that can withstand your weekly BBQ nights for years to come!

That’s it for our guide on wood rot. Good luck fixing your rotten wood deck. See you in the following guide!

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