You might have built the pool retreat of your dreams, but did you know that timber and composite pool decks might require frequent maintenance and repair?

Various factors can damage your pool deck, including increased sun exposure, chemicals, too high or freezing temperatures, natural disasters, etc. If pool deck damage is left unattended, it will likely worsen and spread throughout the deck area. So, it is essential to regularly maintain your pool deck and repair damages as quickly as possible.

Many homeowners resort to DIY routes to fix pool decks to save money and avoid the hiring or planning process. However, you should compare professional services and DIY methods before choosing your option. To guide you, here’s our comparison of their benefits and why you should opt for professional services.

DIY Vs. Professional Pool Decking Services

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1. Cost

The cost and expense of repairing timber and composite pool decks is the main difference between DIY and professional services.

DIY can be a cost-effective way of repairing pool decks; however, you must invest in high-quality equipment, such as pressure washers, polishing machines, and sanding and oiling tools. These expensive pieces of equipment, coupled with recurrent purchases of chemicals, and water-proofing kits, will ultimately burn a hole in your pocket.

So, it is much better to hire a professional contractor and avail of advanced equipment and premium materials, which are costly.

Meanwhile, the cost of professional repair services will depend on factors like pool location, deck design, usage, and pool type. So, you’re guaranteed services that specifically cater to your pool deck.

2. Quality Results

It is obvious that a professional repair will look better and be more functional than a DIY project. This is because licensed experts are trained to deal with most timber and composite decking issues and have sufficient experience to back up their performance. Additionally, their professional tools and chemicals will keep your deck out of harm’s way while increasing its functionality.

No matter how much you spend buying tools for your DIY project, there’s no way of knowing how things will turn out. However, hiring professional help basically guarantees you high-quality results that will last a long time.

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3. Time Aspect

Undertaking pool deck repairs yourself is time-consuming and requires immense effort–but you can use this time for other priorities if you hire an expert. You may also have a busy schedule where squeezing in home repair projects is improbable.

Also, you have to carefully complete each step of the repairing process with proper focus, effort, and attention. That’s why many people prefer professional services to avoid worrying about deck maintenance.

Of course, opting for DIY is always an option for people interested in home development. But you should consider your lifestyle and priorities to choose what’s best for you.

4. Accurate Assessment

If you hire professional help, the expert will first carefully inspect your pool decks before suggesting the required repairs. This means that they can accurately detect the root cause of the damage and repair it to prevent further issues.

Besides time and money, a proper assessment can save you from worrying about frequent maintenance and severe damage. Professionals can decide if your deck needs a simple repair or an entire replacement by simply looking at it!

5. Reliable Skills

Repairing Pool Decking

An expert home improvement contractor or company can provide you with a team of skilled professionals. Due to their experience and advanced equipment, they can prevent incidents and hazards. The skills you need to repair your deck aren’t inherent; they need to be learned, so it’s easy to make mistakes without experience.

6. Smart Investment

At first glance, a DIY project may seem like the least expensive option; however, an improper repair can actually lead to worse scenarios. Investing in professional deck services will improve the efficiency and longevity of the deck, which means that you won’t need to spend any money on it for a long time.

7. Quicker Repair

A home DIY project can take a lot of time – with the frequent rounds to the hardware store and multiple hours of YouTube tutorials. And even then, you might not be very sure about the process and make inevitable mistakes. This becomes a vicious circle with a lot of energy and money wasted in the trial and error process.

Hiring professional help will ensure the repair is done faster and more efficiently. They have the right protocols, guidelines, tools, and materials that will accurately fix your issue on the first attempt.

The Final Decision: DIY Pool Deck Repair Or Hire a Professional?

Building a backyard pool is a popular home development option for families to enjoy relaxation and quality time. And whether you have an above-ground timber pool deck or a modern composite pool deck - you must have a plan for repairing it.

But if you want to swim peacefully in your home oasis, you must properly maintain the space, especially the pool deck. And since the pool deck withstands daily wear and tear, it is prone to issues like cracking, breaking and colour fading that require careful repair.

Final Touch Carpentry & Constructions offers a wide range of home development services, including timber and composite pool decking. With excellent customer service, high-quality materials, and affordable pricing, we offer Sydney’s best building and carpentry services. Talk to our experts today for assistance!

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